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Speculorum is a world of modern fantasy with a focus on magic and connection. I started developing it as a small frame to encapsulate some of my work throughout my last year. I hope you enjoy.

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Kal Cobal

Scenes From Speculorum

March 2022
February 2022
December 2022

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February 2022

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Irmak Çitil

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Irmak Citil is an artist who grew up in Istanbul, Turkey. He is a fantasy illustrator and concept artist based in Vancouver, Canada. His practice consists of digital painting and drawings in a multitude of styles that all have fantastical elements. Irmak’s fantasy paintings concern themselves with narratives of power and nature. He is an avid follower of day-to-day politics and wishes to create a space of escape as well as a space of reflection with his work.

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