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Due to human destruction of the Earth’s environment has led to the extinction of human beings and turned into the appearance of skeletons, and garbage piled up mountains. Human beings have become skeletons and their own production of garbage to live together has become very bad. The Earth has become a state of complete disaster also indicates that the destruction of human beings has reached its limit. In the story, the skeleton will be some transformation of the garbage into something that can be used, as a reminder that people can do as much as possible to recycle in life.

The main body of the project is a set of 12 pages of short storybooks, 6 full pages and a front and back cover. The name of the book is “Skeleton Day” and the size should be 20cm*20cm. The audience for the storybook is children aged between2-6. This is a hand-sewn book. Recycled plastic garbage bags were placed on the inside of the book, in order to make a rustling sound.

I already have a lot of trash.

I don’t want any more.

Will you join me in recycling?

Let’s recycle together!

Shengqiao Huang

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Shengqiao Huang is an artist from China. Living frequently between China and Canada has made her more sensitive and inclusive to the things around her. Through her work she tries to invite a wider audience to pay attention to their own emotions, the problems of the natural environment and the protection of animals. Her work is mostly digital art, but still retains brush strokes that mimic the traditional medium of painting.

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