The Monster

Jialin Wang

Jialin Wang


 It is only by facing our fears that we can grow.

The Monster Trailer(2022)

Film Information

Country of production: Canada

Duration/TRT:  02m 05s

Media: 2D digital

Film genre: Coming of Age


Film Director, Jialin Wang

Music Composer, Dimtri Kristalinsky

Voice Actor, :(Girl1 and Boy 1) Michael Wang, (Girl 2)Jialin Wang

Artist Statement

I am bringing some of my personal experiences into this film. I want to encourage others to not be afraid of the bullies. Instead, try to be strong and most importantly, know that we need to trust ourselves.

Special Thanks

Leslie Bishoko

Lorelei Pepi

All 2Dan-410 classmates and my family members

Projects Stills

Jialin Wang

Jialin Wang is a 2D digital animator. She has been drawing and designing for 8 years. She studied 2D-Experimental Animation at Emily Carr University of Art + Design, with a specialty focus in production design. Her professional experiences include freelance illustration, with a focus on developing a career in the animation industry.