The Very Scary Hu Gu Po

Jing-Wen Yuan

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Artist Statement

My intent is to create a children’s book that simplifies the idea of empathy and compassion even for people society deems as villains. My inspiration behind The Very Scary Hu Gu Po is from a folklore in Taiwan, called Hu Gu Po. It is a story that features a Tiger Ghoul named Hu Gu Po who eats children. The tiger changes into an old lady to trick two siblings into opening the door. The story is meant to scare children from opening doors to strangers, but I wanted to rewrite this story in a modern context. In my version of the story, Hu Gu Po is a child tiger spirit who is misunderstood for eating children. The rewrite of this story is inspired by the films Joker (2019) and Cruella (2021) and how the lack of compassion and empathy in modern society produces villains. A story always has different viewpoints, and sometimes learning to listen to other’s stories is the best way to have empathy for others as well as yourself. 

Visual Development

These are some sketches done for the story.


Final Spreads

Other Spreads

Spreads in the finished book.

Jing-Wen Yuan

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Jing-Wen is a Taiwanese-Canadian artist who majored in illustration at Emily Carr University of Art + Design. She worked various freelance illustration jobs such as for the City of Richmond, as well as part-time teaching as an art teacher at Polka Dot Art School. Jing-Wen aspires to become a high school art teacher and a freelance artist for character design and children’s books. When she is not drawing in her sketchbook, she enjoys learning about NFTs, new art softwares, yoga, dancing and walking in her free time.

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