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Reflection, digital, 2022

Youth is a series of drawings based on childhood memories. Each piece captures the strangeness and unpleasantness of growing up. The feeling of nostalgia is usually associated with naive times with no real responsibility. However, growing up is a very complex process and it does not solely consist of good times. This project highlights the experiences and emotions of child/teenagehood.

Routine, 2022

bye bye, 2022

Maggie Lin

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Maggie is a Vancouver-based illustrator from Taiwan. She is interested in storytelling and creates work for editorial, picture books, book covers, etc. She often draws inspiration from ordinary life and distorts it with nonsensical imagery. The concepts of surrealism and familiarity intrigue her very much. A big part of her childhood memories was watching animated films and manga. Thus, they have become a significant influence on her art. She primarily works in digital and enjoys traditional mediums such as watercolour/gouache from time to time.

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