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Abigail Diantoro


Duration:  04m 26s

Media: 2D Digital animation

Film genre: SciFi, Family

Director: Abigail Diantoro

A boy spends his days hanging out with his older brother

Director, Abigail Diantoro
Music Composer, Halle Mich 
Sound Design, Abigail Diantoro
Animation Assistance, Alayna Y, Christine Lee, Curt Gonzaga, Samantha Hubbell, Giovanna Gowmez
Layout Artists, Abigail Diantoro, Ling Wan
Background Artists, Eileen Widjaja, Ling Wan, Minchae Jee
Clean-up Assistance, Angela Almero, Annika Ho, Celina Doubleday, Chloe Cabading, Christy Chan, Eunice Wan, Lien Nguyen, Monika Yip, Paige Arace
Colouring Assistance, Lien Nguyen, Qinthara Abuthan
Sound Mix, Matt Stephanson

I really like character-driven stories especially when those stories revolve around the character’s identity, relationships, or thought processes. As someone who is also fascinated by technology and its advancement I decided to make a film that blends the two together. I wanted to make a film based on the seven stages of grief and how our relationship with technology comes into play. The film is dedicated for people who recently just lost someone, especially someone close and to let them know that while moving on from their loss is difficult, they will be able to get through it in the end. I hope that people will sympathize with the main character when it comes to dealing with the loss of a loved one. 



Abigail Diantoro

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Abigail Diantoro is an animator and illustrator. They have been drawing since a very young age, and after developing an interest in films and cartoons, they decided to pursue a career in animation. Abigail studied at Emily Carr University of Art + Design where they particularly developed an interest in character animation. Aside from drawing, Abigail is also interested in video games, books, music, and wildlife.

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