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Peizhi Fang

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Memory is a subtle thing for me; it helps me to connect surrealism illusion with real world. Flashes and fragments in my mind form stop motion moments, just for a moment, something is happening. I like to capture and depict the moments that people might be familiar with, and brought up with uncertainty. The uncertainty may make people feel uncomfortable and strange, but it can also arouse thinking, doubt and speculation. My work is more like a kind of conjecture and questions based on fragments of everyday life. I like to throw out these seemingly unanswered questions and expect people to create their own stories.

Just a Moment (the first), acrylic on canavas, 20×20″, 2022.
Just a Moment (the second), acrylic on canvas, 20×20″, 2022.
Just a Moment(the third), acrylic on canvas, 20×20″, 2022

Other Works

Violet Memory, acrylic on canvas, 12×16, 2022
White Dog and Red Light, oil, pencil and pastel on canvas, 30×30″, 2022
Light up, oil on canvas paper, 18×15″, 2022

Film Works

A collection of short videos that explore how time, text and emotions formed and shaped each other. They are all relative to me in terms of eternity and transience, how this concept of relativity collides and changes when they interact with each other. Each video is a fleeting moment in time frozen into eternity at some point.

“Just a Moment”
“Love is writing poetry on water”
“How does it taste?”
“Closer,closer”; “Away,away”

Peizhi Fang

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Peizhi Fang is a visual artist,currently live in BC, vancouver. Primarily works in painting, sculpture and photography. Peizhi Fang’s works mainly contains themes of nature, animals, and delicate relationships. Many of her creative inspirations come from the combination of memory and reality, she tries to create an interactive world between the objective external environment and the subjective internal imagination. It is a natural world, but also a potential “invisible world”. Fang likes to find somewhere else hidden beneath the familiar ordinary life, and tries to convey a strange sense of discomfort and out-of-control unease in order to provoke people to think about “something is going to happen”.

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