Claire Jin

Duration: 2:22min

Medium: Stop Motion, 2D Digital Animation, Mixed Media

[Director, Animator, Compositor]


As Yellow and Green meet and begin to know each other, they decide to set off on an unusual adventure in the universe.

Artist Statement

Inspired by my personal story, I wanted to express this meaningful experience in a light-hearted, abstract way in my favourite medium. Having discussed more serious topics in my previous work, this time I would like to bring the audience into this adventurous, vast space with the characters and let the audience decide what to take away from it. Through this piece, I hope to remind people of the ones whom they would go through the toughest time with no matter what the future holds in store.

Project Stills


  • Director: Claire Jin
  • Music & Sound Effects: Emma Shang
  • Animation: Claire Jin
  • Compositing: Claire Jin

Special Thanks

  • Woonam Kim
  • John Li
  • Ian Woo
  • Chris Strickler

Claire Jin

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Born in Shenyang, China, Claire came to Canada in 2014 and now is a Vancouver-based artist. She studied 3D Animation at Emily Carr University of Art + Design and explored the possibilities of stop-motion animation in her films. She’s always been fascinated by the magic and craftsmanship of stop motion while also having a passion for clay sculpting, spoon carving, and wire wrapping. She hopes to continue using her hands to create and bring more objects to life.

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