Visualizing the body.

Vittoria Gay

After a Long Day

The series After a Long Day is rooted in the desire to feel grounded by touch. My practice bridges drawing and painting by leaving chalk sketches visible on the canvas, which is then used as a map for paint. The series is an embodiment of how touch feels.


Interwoven is a series which shies away from the viewer trying to disguise the nude in attempts at acceptance. The fragmented bodies are reconstructed like a puzzle, and limbs are emphasized, reminding the viewer of its timid subject. These paintings work together in telling the story of dealing with the expectation of being a woman, which has resulted in my desire to be seen as well as having the urge to hide. 

Hiding in the Bathroom

The series Hiding in the Bathroom Mirror represents bodies represented by the female gaze, reclaiming the overexposed woman’s nude. The paintings confront the viewer with their large scale and bold palettes. The works are done as a challenge to myself, making the nude the focal point of the works in an attempt to take up space. 

Forget me Knots

Hand Holding, Oil on Canvas, 2022, 30×24″

Vittoria Gay

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Vittoria Gay is an emerging artist working primarily with oil paint. She was born in Rome and has moved back and forth between there and Vancouver her whole life. The experience of constantly moving and being exposed to
two cultures greatly impacted her interests and art-making. Her most recent series After a Long Day revolves around embodying the bodily feeling of touch.

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