Where’s My Mind?

Kathleen van den Hogen

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Across from the Digital Fabrication Lab.

Ink and acrylic glaze on MDF board. 48×34.5″.

This work deconstructs issues of; the female body, the struggles of identity and existence, and the ‘imagining’ of human beings who may not fit into the limitations of societal norms through layers of embodiment. The fragmented objects focus on highlighting both internal and external insecurities while moving through space.

Other Works

Bad Feminist

This work is based on the feminist novel “Bad Feminist” by Roxane Gay. It depicts the struggles of feminist values, specifically regarding the impact of modern media. This is reflected by the act of punctured wounds (both internally and externally), that we carry with us, accumulating weight over time.

Dream State

This work is based on a collection of reoccuring dreams I have experienced throughout my life. Frequent nightmares have created a space for personal observation developing from the thoughts and battles I was facing at the time reflected through the unconscious. This work mobilized me to be present by contemplating my mind’s interpretation of the challenges I was encountering at the time.

Kathleen van den Hogen

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My name is Kathleen van den Hogen, I am 23 years old, and have graduated as a Visual Arts major at Emily Carr University of Arts and Design, located in Vancouver on Coast Salish territory. I narrowed my focus onto all art forms in 2017 which established an appreciation for the creative process. Since this time, the act of art making has drawn a deeper interest; specifically into Visual Arts. Public art has been a prominent theme in my practice through undertaking projects such as: painting an exterior mural, creating sculptures for a themed trail, displaying works in public art galleries, and creating interior murals for small businesses. I am also engaged in exploring a broad range of conventional drawing and painting mediums by committing to the ongoing creative process of expanding into new methods to further develop my visual language.

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