Oyster, Orchid

Paige Elton

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Oyster, Orchid is the title that represents my collective body of work coming out of my years of practice at Emily Carr; both Oyster and Orchid are smooth yet sharp, twisting and lustrous, naturally occurring. Through painting, I seek to investigate the ways in which figurative and abstract images may create, space, light, shape, and colour; utilizing reoccurring gestures and forms, jagged marks and creeping lines alluding to flora and fauna; as well as particular motifs, such as fabric, feminine presence, dogs, eggs, shoes, candles and moons. I strive to create an ambiguous setting or instance to which viewers may project their own meaning or mood.

Oyster, Orchid, oil on canvas, 60 x 72,” 2022

Devotion, oil on canvas, 41 x 53,” 2022

Gingham, oil and spray paint on canvas 38 x 33,” 2022

Windy Day, oil on MDF with frame, 23 x 25,” 2022

Beautiful Ogre Woman, oil on canvas, 35 x48,” 2021

Lamp Shade, Digital embroidery on muslin with metal frame, beads, and plaster eggs, 2021

Tulip Stomp, oil, bed sheet, latex paint and stuffed nylons on canvas, 30 x 60,” 2019

Paige Elton

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Paige Elton is a interdisciplinary artist, focusing in painting, illustration, print, and textile. She has devoted her 5 years of study at Emily Carr to developing her painting practice.

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